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Dream Equine Therapy Center 2011 Adopted Horses
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Rehab & Adopted


aged TB gelding
Rehab & Adopted


Arab/ASB mare, blind in one eye
Rehab & Adopted

TWH gelding

Scooby - 2009 Belgian Cross Gelding
Recently returned, already has had 30 days saddle training.

Rehab & Adopted

Palomino pony

Sorrel colt with blaze,

possibly gaited, born 3/14

Miniature Mares
Both are blind

Chestnut QH Colt

Has halter quality conformation. Purebred, he is going to be NICE! Very sweet also.

Bay KY Mtn Filly

With big crooked blaze and socks, very flashy and looks to be the smoothest gaited horse I have ever seen. She is a little younger than the rest.

Bay TWH Filly

Looked to be chocolate colored but farm said out of a black mare. He looks to be turning black with a blaze and four white socks.

2 month Bay Purebred TB Filly
She was a premie from a TB farm. Great personality, very friendly.

5 month QH weanling Colt
Not sure if he has draft in him either. He was untouched and did well leading after one lesson. His name is Twister.

Black/grulla gaited filly,
born 3/10

Solid bay gaited filly, turning Buckskin
born 3/5

Sorrel colt with blaze,
gaited, born 3/17

Bay pony colt, Haflinger Cross
born 3/11

Black filly with star, gaited,
born 3/17

Cremello QH filly,
born 3/17

Saddlebred, named Flash

Black/Gray QH filly

Roan/gray kentucky mountain filly

Sorrel QH filly

Bay Paint colt with bald face, may gait,
appears to have draft in there,
born 3/18

Bay paint colt with star, gaited,
born 3/18

Bay QH filly

Belgian draft cross colt
born 3/6

Sorrel overo paint filly,
born 3/17

Light Bay draft cross filly,
born 3/17

2 month QH Filly
Filly is purebred but probably will not be able to get papers. She may turn dark buckskin or grulla, difficult to tell. She is sweet & spunky. She could use some TLC as well.

2 month Palomino Colt
He should also be registed with Peppy San Badger in his bloodlines. Very sweet little thing. Pretty sure he was only on his mare a couple weeks then pulled off and not fed well. He is eating pellets and hay well. Trying to get him on milk but no success so far.

4-5 month Liver Chestnut QH Colt
He needs some TLC but will be a cute little horse with some groceries and a brush. Farm is supposed to be sending his certificate so he can be registered. He is one with Peppy San Badger in his bloodlines.
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