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  2 Yr. Old Mustang Mare...   Now available for adoption!

UPDATE: With minimal training, Cougar does all basic groundwork, leads, lunges, stands for grooming, bathing, walks over obstacles. She needs just a bit more work with the farrier and trailer loading. She is very calm and willing. (JULY 2010)

This is a 2 yr old mustang mare that we agreed to take so she didnt have to go back to the holding facility. The lady that rescued her has to move her by the end of the month, this is sooner than we agreed to and due to some horses being returned unexpectedly and the foals, we just do not have the room. We need either an experienced foster or a special person to adopt her.

This filly was attacked by a Cougar when she was a baby out on the range and she survived. She has some minimal scarring that does not affect her. She was rounded up as a yearling and then starved and traumatized by a lady that adopted her from the BLM. She was then rescued along with 4 other mustangs. She has had some minimal work with a natural trainer and she catches on quick. She will make a great horse with someone that has time for her and experience with natural training.

Please let us know if you are interested. This mare really needs some consistency in her life.

Please call and make an appointment to visit.
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