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DETC is in need of donations for our new foal barn see list below or contact us at 803-417-3285!

DETC New Property!!! Well our new property is coming along. Lots of work to still be done! Please go to our build a barn fundraiser to contribute. No amount is too small! We will also need volunteers to help build over the next few months to help decrease our labor costs!

We have weanlings to 3-4 yr olds that are started under saddle.

Thanks for your continued support. Terri Stemper.
Please contact us if you can help!


"No hour of life is lost, that is spent in the saddle"
Winston Churchill

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Dream Equine Therapy Center




View Available Horses & Foals For ADOPTION HERE...
Call us to schedule a time for viewing the foals.

Thank you to two people that have donated for the foals this spring in memory of loved ones: Allison Forehand donated in memory of Lonnie Beach. Tina Fisher donated in memory of Robert Lee Hosier. Thank you for thinking of us during this difficults time.

Thanks to the Petfinder Foundation for a $1000 Tractor Supply Operational Grant! These funds will be used to help offset the costs of feed! We are trying to save as much as we can for the foal barn!

Donate to the Foal Barn Fund! Barn prices have doubled over the last few years. We are in desperate need of funding for our Foal Barn at our new property!! Due to the foals being so critical at intake, we need an enclosed barn and special stalls and flooring that will be easy to disinfect so as not to spread disease! Please donate via paypal and note for Foal Barn or mail a check to the address on our website. We will give monthly updates on the amount of funds raised and our plans to build this fall! Foaling season 2014 is just around the corner! Lots of work to get done in just a short time!


for items collecting, volunteer opportunities & event dates!

We are able to receive CASH for
PROOF OF PURCHASE from feed bags: Nutrena, Southern States, Triple Crown and Legends. Please collect and save and we can raise hundreds of dollars for the foals!

Please contact DETC at
dreamequine08@gmail.com or



Thanks to the following Organizations for Awarding DETC Grants in 2012!

Neal Foundation
$1000 Gelding Clinic Grant

60 Vaccines for our Rescued

$3000 Emergency Hay and Feed Grant


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Amazing Photos
by Charlotte Wildlife Photography Group

HOW TO HELP: Here is an easy way to RAISE money for Dream Equine Therapy Center (DETC)

Register as a member of Igive.com and sign up DETC as your cause. You can download the Igive toolbar on your computer. Search all your favorite sites through Igive.com like Ebay, Amazon, horse.com, dog.com, petco, etc., they have 700+ companies that participate. Each time you search 1-2 cents is donated to DETC. If you search through Igive and then make a purchase, DETC will receive a percentage of that purchase up to 26%, usually 2%-10%. Right now they are offering an extra $5 donation if you register and then make a purchase within 45 days.

So please everyone while you are doing your holiday shopping think of the little orphan foals that are yet to be born. It only takes a second to click Igive.com first and then continue your search or shopping. That is all you have to do this holiday season and throughout the year! Every little bit helps! EASY right?!

Please help save a foal!!!





Purina Difference Rewards Program - Free Horse Feed Coupon & More!

Purina Difference Rewards Program
FREE Horse Feed Coupon & More!
If everyone would sign up for the program and donate the coupons, it will save DETC thousands of dollars in horse feed.
Every bag of feed helps!!

Register Here...

Also you can donate feed directly at our local feed stores in Rock Hill, SC; Farmers Exchange and Carolina Fresh Farms.

Take a Vacation in Antigua & HELP DETC
10% of rental goes to
Dream Equine Therapy Center

  News & Information:  

Mindy has been returned to us because of owner health issues. She is available for adoption at DETC.

Updates have been posted on facebook but I realize not everyone is on facebook!

Mindy had surgery for tumor removal on July 26, 2012 at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in KY. She recovered well but the vet still thought the tumor was cancer even after the first biopsy was negative. The whole mass was sent off for another biopsy and 1 week later it was confirmed that Mindy did have squamous cell carcinoma. The vet has never seen cancer in a horse this young. He thinks that he was able to remove all of the cancer. All the tissue in her mouth and gums, lymph nodes etc all looked healthy and noncancerous which was a good sign.

Two weeks after surgery, Mindy was started on chemo injections to the area where the tumor was removed. She was also started on a medication that is antiinflammatory that also helps fight the cancer. She has had no swelling or adverse side effects. She is doing well and has completed 2 rounds of chemo so far. Her mouth is clean and healthy with no signs of cancer.

The vets think if she shows no signs of cancer for 3-6 months she has a great chance of remaining cancer free!! She did have an adopter waiting but they had decided not to adopt due to the cancer diagnosis. So Mindy will stay at DETC through the winter and I will continue her saddle training! If all goes well she will be available for adoption in the spring!

Right now her bills are totalling close to $3000. Thanks to all those that have donated towards her surgery and vet bills!

You have saved her life!

Look for updates on Mindy via our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/DreamEquine
and also here on our website and via email. She is very adoptable so once recovered will make someone an awesome horse!




Visit the Horses & Foals in Rehab

at Dream Equine Therapy Center

Dream Equine Therapy Center Foal Adoptions - Adoption Day Sunday, Feb. 28th, 2010

Call us for more information (803) 628-7917


Phoebe's Story

Life Through the Eyes of a Nurse Mare Foal

Please read this is true story and pass on to raise awareness for nurse mare foals... (Story Won TOP TEN for the EPNET Photojournalist contest this fall).



  Kelly Sigler (3 Star Parelli Professional) in Aiken, SC has agreed to donate saddle training on our 3 yr old horses. This is a great help because as most of you know 90% of our horses are 3 yrs and younger and need continued training/handling. We desperately need monthly sponsors to cover their feed/hay expenses which is $120 per month. Donations can be made via paypal. Kelly's WEBSITE

NEW CLINIC PPP Reality Training for Horse Lovers - Flyer

Everyone who owns a horse or is involved with rescue needs to attend one of these clinics!

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Dream Farm is also offering private horseback riding lessons for all ages and disciplines.

Volunteers Note: Due to the overwhelming reponse, we are unable to respond to everyone in a timely manner.
Please Email Us: dreamequine08@gmail.com to be placed on our volunteer list. We will send emails when we have a need for volunteers.

Please call and make an appointment to visit.
Dream Equine Therapy Center is a 501c3 nonprofit and all donations are tax deductible.

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