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Buy a T-shirt to support our FOALS and advertise our cause all at once! CLICK HERE >

There are two different shirt designs, when you click on the link to view t-shirt, the other design is on the left side at the bottom. Thanks to Reagan Thomas for designing these T-shirts! All proceeds benefit DETC.

Our spring foaling season has begun and we rescue between 30 – 50 foals per year. When we get the foals home, some are just a few days old and are just learning how to drink from a bucket. Some will be a few weeks of intensive care before they are stable. These young foals have special requirements for feeding/care/fencing etc while young. They are on milk replacer every few hours and creep feed which is pretty costly. Many of these foals don’t have a chance if not rescued by organizations like DETC. These are the lucky ones as there are thousands and only a handful of rescues that can take this on! We believe in quality of care for each foal and that is why we take in a smaller number so we can make sure each foal has training, quality milk/feed, medical care and we are selective in our adoption process as we are only looking for forever homes! Please help support our efforts to save as many foals as possible! This is our Passion.


Foalapalooza 2017 (final 3.13v.2)FOAL-A-PALOOZA

Our 8th Annual FOAL-A-PALOOZA, April 15th, 2017

DETC partners with Three Runs Plantation, the event raises funds for Dream Equine Therapy Center Orphan Nurse Mare Foal rescues. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO >




All Year Long Collecting

Dream Equine Therapy Center focuses on fundraising throughout the year.  We are always in need of items for our rescue horses and foals. We continue to look for foster homes and finding those “Forever Loving Homes” for our equine adoptions. Please consider donating tack and sending in your proofs of purchase to help DETC.

Tack & Equipment

We collect NEW and USED tack donations to sell at our events and also tack sales in spring and fall. The tack donations usually raise $1000-$3000 per year. These two fundraisers are very important to help with feed and hay.

Proof of Purchase

All year long we collect proofs of purchase from horse feed bags (Nutrena, Legends, Southern States, Triple Crown). This raises about $700-$1000 per year.