Lend a helping hand… We are always looking for volunteers to help with fundraisers and collecting items to help meet our needs and goals. Volunteers are the heart of soul of an organization, they dedicate their time, labor and love to help others in need. We truly appreciate all our volunteers that have helped DETC with many projects, events, horse care, foals, feeding, etc.

If you are available to help with future events, clinics, or workshops, please contact us and let us know your background & experience and how you may be able to assist us. We will place you on our Volunteers List and contact you when we need assistance.

Business / Partners
If you are a business and/or want to partner with us or work directly with our organization, we are always interested in new ideas. We are devoted to horse rescue and providing new opportunities and educating people about horses.

Please contact DETC at (803) 417-3285 or Email us: dreamequine08@gmail.com