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Thank you to everyone that donated this weekend (April 4th): Jennifer, Karen, Johanna, Andrew, Ryane, Pamela, Ursula, Pete, Melinda, Teresa,Angela, Suzanne, Meredith, Erin. The next group of foals should be ready for pick up this weekend!! Thanks also to Shy Horse Supply for all of our milk and creep feed needs. They also supply the majority of the foals in the area after they are adopted. Progressive Nutrition has the best milk/creep products for the foals as well as growth, adult feeds, supplements etc.

Thanks to everyone that helped with the first group of foals this weekend (March 26th); Carolyn, Emily, Lisa, Tammy, Michelle, Margaret, Audrey, Bill, Mark, Abbie, Allen, Senny, Gabe, Reagan, Johanna, Tim, Courtney! We had help with transport, unloading/feeding on arrival, feeding/medicating, butt baths, photography, fencing projects, training, cleaning, tack donations dropped off, picking up last minute supplies and cooking food for me so I can keep up with all these babies. Also had two friends that offered to foster this year which is a huge help to get as many babies saved as possible! It takes a village for sure!

A huge thanks to the Red Classic work group that came out yesterday (February 18th)!! We were able to work on fencing/clean up on four pastures and got the foal barn cleaned and ready for 2017 foals. We also worked on making some fundraiser items to raise money for milk replacer.  Thanks to Audrey Anne Fisk for organizing. We are planning more work days.


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Thank you to All Our Past Support! We appreciate all donations, assistance and volunteers, partnerships and friendships we have created at Dream Equine Therapy Center.